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Northern Arizona University's Engineering Ranking?

Hey folks, I'm considering NAU for engineering but I'm having trouble finding its ranking for that particular program. Anyone know where it stands or where I could find more information? Thanks in advance.

15 days ago

The actual ranking of engineering programs can vary based on the source, and you'll find that different organizations prioritize different aspects when creating their rankings. However, the approach I always recommend is to focus less on the number a program or school has been assigned, but rather on what suits your individual needs and goals. The engineering program at Northern Arizona University has substantial offerings across civil, mechanical, electrical, environmental, and computer engineering, in addition to others.

To determine if a program is right for you, consider the following:

1. Coursework: Look at the courses you'd be taking as part of your degree. Do they align with your areas of interest in engineering?

2. Faculty: Consider the faculty in the engineering department. Look at their areas of expertise and the work they've published or the research they're currently conducting. If they align with your interests, that's generally a positive sign.

3. Student Success: Check if the school displays any statistics on job placement rates or graduate school admission rates for their engineering students, as this can give you a sense of how successful students are after graduation.

4. Accreditation: It's also key to make sure that any engineering program you're considering is accredited by ABET, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. This ensures that the program meets certain academic and professional standards. NAU's engineering programs are indeed ABET-accredited.

Ultimately, the right program for you depends on your personal and academic interests, as well as your career goals. It's less about what ranking the program holds and more about how the program can assist you in achieving your ambitions.

15 days ago

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