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Experiences with Post University Online Courses?

Hello, everyone! I've been exploring some options for online courses and came across Post University. They seem to offer some interesting programs, so I was curious if anyone here has taken any of their online courses? Any feedback about the quality and overall experiences would be much appreciated!

18 days ago

I haven't personally taken any online courses at Post University, but I've interacted with many students who have.

What I can say is that a key benefit of online classes at Post University is the flexibility they offer. You can pace yourself and fit the classwork around your schedule, which helps a lot if you have other commitments like work or family responsibilities.

As for the teaching style, Post University online courses primarily follow an asynchronous learning format. This means you're not required to log on at a specific time for a live session, and instead you learn through materials posted online by the professor. This includes tools like online forums and prerecorded video lectures.

However, keep in mind that like any online course, learning at Post University requires a strong level of self-motivation. The onus is on you to keep on top of your assignments and actively participate in online forums to get the full learning experience.

Additionally, while I've heard many positive comments about the faculty's willingness to support and assist their students, I have also heard feedback that some students found the interaction with faculty and fellow students to be less than ideal due to lack of responsiveness.

So, overall, Post University's online programs come with their benefits and challenges. It might be worth reaching out to alumni through LinkedIn or other platforms to gather more direct experiences.

18 days ago

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