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Engineering at Rutgers - ranking specifics?

Hi guys, I'm planning to apply to Rutgers for their engineering programs. I would love if someone could fill me in on the rankings and what they mean for the quality of education and future job prospects. Thoughts?

14 days ago

Rutgers University's School of Engineering is quite renowned and highly ranked. In U.S. News & World Report's 2024 rankings, it currently comes in at 53rd nationally. This is within the top quarter of all engineering programs in the United States.

The rank of an engineering program tends to correlate relatively closely with the quality of education at the school. A higher-ranked program often has a more competitive and motivated student body, more accomplished faculty, and more funding for research. It also likely offers more opportunities for internships and co-ops, which are invaluable for gaining hands-on engineering experience during college.

Regarding job prospects, the correlation is a bit looser. What will matter more are factors such as your grades, internships, and any research projects you're involved with. For example, a straight-A student who did a prestigious internship and managed to have some research published—regardless of the ranking of their engineering school—will have good job prospects.

However, coming from a highly ranked school like Rutgers can still give you a slight edge. Larger companies that are able to be pickier about their hires may use school reputation as a heuristic for quality when sifting through applications, especially for their most competitive positions. Similarly, graduate schools, should you wish to pursue a higher degree, will usually prefer applicants from better-known programs.

As an example, Rutgers' partnership with industries across New Jersey fosters a vibrant ecosystem for internships and job prospects, as well as research opportunities due to its R1 research status.

Don't forget to tour the campus if possible, or attend online information sessions to get a "feel" for the atmosphere. Culture fit can be just as important, if not more so, than the program's rank. Interacting with professors and students can give you a clearer picture of what to expect in the program. Lastly, consider what's most important to you in a college or program. Is it small class sizes? Research opportunities? Diversity? Keep these factors in mind alongside rankings when making a final decision.

14 days ago

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