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Is sophomore year too early to visit colleges?

Hello! I'm about to start my sophomore year and I'm already thinking about visiting colleges. I know many students start their college visits during junior year, but should I start visiting colleges early to get an idea of what I'm interested in? Do you think it's too early for me to get a feel for campus life and make informed decisions? Thanks for any advice!

8 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're already thinking about college visits. Sophomore year definitely isn't too early to start exploring colleges, especially if you're just trying to gain a better sense of what type of colleges you're interested in. It can be helpful to visit a variety of campuses (e.g., large vs. small, urban vs. rural) to get a feel for what you might prefer.

On these early visits, focus on the overall environment and how you feel on campus rather than specific programs or details. As you progress through high school and learn more about your academic and extracurricular interests, you can then refine your search and revisit any colleges that particularly caught your eye.

Make sure to keep notes on your impressions and any questions that might arise during your visits. These can be helpful later when you're narrowing down your list and potentially writing application essays.

Happy exploring, and enjoy your sophomore year!

8 months ago

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