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San Francisco State University Chemistry Program

I'm considering majoring in chemistry and I am looking into the chemistry program at San Francisco State University. Does anyone have any experiences with this program that they could share? Is it a rigorous program? Do they offer research opportunities?

14 days ago

San Francisco State University has a respectable Chemistry & Biochemistry program, offering both Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Based on student reviews, the program leans towards being rigorous, providing integrative and comprehensive coursework that enhances students' understanding in chemistry. The school offers a variety of areas of study including biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry.

Outside the classroom, real-world application and research is on the menu. SFSU prides itself on allowing undergraduates to participate in research, which is a rare opportunity not always afforded at larger universities. They have a robust faculty-led research program with opportunities to engage in research that spans all areas of chemistry and biochemistry.

This could be an excellent program if you're seeking to deepen your knowledge in chemistry and if you are interested in research opportunities. However, the reported level of rigor does mean you might need to prepare yourself for the workload.

Remember that the best way to figure out if a program is right for you is to reach out to the department directly, engage with current students and faculty, and even visit the campus (virtually or in-person) if possible. You can get a feel for the program, understand the possible research and internship opportunities, and gauge whether it aligns with your academic interests and career goals.

14 days ago

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