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What's the reality behind SIU's graduation rate?

Hey everyone, just digging up some stuff and discovered SIU's graduation rate stats. Not sure what to think about it and wondering if it's really a big deal. Is it important in deciding whether or not to apply? Thanks!

19 days ago

Graduation rate is one indicator of a college's performance, as it gives us insight into how many students are successfully completing their degree programs within a 6-year timeframe. Keep in mind, though, that graduation rates can be shaped by numerous factors, including the profile of the university's student body and the support services offered by the school.

Looking at Southern Illinois University (SIU) specifically, its 6-year graduation rate is around 49% (as per latest statistics I could find). This means that about 49% of the students who began their studies as first-year students at SIU graduated within 6 years.

While this may seem low compared to some universities, it's worth noting that graduation rates truly depend on the individual student. Some students may take longer to graduate due to personal circumstances or decide to transfer to another institution, which would affect the institution's graduation rate.

If you're considering applying to SIU, I'd recommend focusing not just on the graduation rate but on a range of factors, including academic programs, campus culture, support services, opportunities for internships/research, financial aid opportunities, and so on.

As you explore your options, consider how well each school aligns with your academic and career goals, as well as your personal values and lifestyle preferences. If SIU checks all these boxes for you, then I wouldn't let the graduation rate deter you from considering the school. It's always a good idea to delve deeper and understand what the statistics are really saying before making any final decisions.

19 days ago

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