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What's the deal with SBU's Health Science Major?

Hey community, I've been looking into Stony Brook University and their Health Science major caught my eye. I can't find enough firsthand experiences from folks in this program. Anyone here that could shed some light on the curriculum, internship opportunities, faculty, etc.?

17 days ago

Stony Brook University's Health Science major is a versatile program that prepares students for a variety of careers in healthcare. The curriculum covers a wide spectrum of subjects, which include Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Microbiology, Public Health, and Health Care Ethics among other courses. It offers a strong foundational understanding of the health science field and integrates practical skills training, preparing students for subsequent clinical work or graduate studies.

Internship opportunities hold an essential place in this major. Through the university's partnerships with various medical facilities, health research centers, and public health organizations, you have the chance to gain valuable real-world experiences within the healthcare industry. This allows students to both apply what they've learned in the classroom and to build connections in the field.

The faculty at SBU bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. Many of them have worked professionally in healthcare settings, conducted impactful research, and are recognized leaders in their respective fields. They're known to be accessible and supportive, emphasizing student success within and beyond the classroom.

One noteworthy caveat, should you be interested in a pre-med path - while the Health Science major offers a broad understanding of healthcare, you might also need to take additional science courses to fulfill typical medical school prerequisites. So if you are considering this, you might want to consult with an academic advisor.

Importantly, any major can be a great choice if it aligns with your passion, your academic and career goals, and your personal strengths. All the best in your college exploration!

17 days ago

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