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Spanish Major at UC Davis

What's up folks? I'm currently a high school junior planning to major in Spanish. One of the universities on my list is UC Davis. How is their Spanish program? What are the unique features of their coursework? Any information would be much appreciated.

12 days ago

UC Davis offers an extensive program for Spanish, including a Spanish major under its College of Letters and Science. The major is structured to provide a deep understanding of Spanish language, literature, and culture.

UC Davis's Spanish program is recognized for its significant breadth and depth. You'll have the opportunity to take courses across a diverse range of topics, including Spanish literature from the Middle Ages to the present day, and topics on Spanish and Latin American culture, history, and film.

The program stands out in its emphases on making connections across disciplines. The department encourages students to make connections between their studies in Spanish and other areas like sociology, music, film, history, and art. The Spanish program there also places strong emphasis on developing excellent writing skills, along with the all-important oral competency.

One important note: While studying Spanish language and literature, UC Davis will also enable you to focus on Latin American and Latino studies, giving you deeper insight into the wider Hispanic world, if that is an area of interest for you.

All students must also complete a senior seminar, a capstone experience that encourages you to synthesize what you've learned during your time in the program.

Finally, UC Davis also offers study abroad opportunities for Spanish majors. These can be an excellent way to strengthen your language skills and gain immersive experience in Spanish-speaking culture.

Remember, though, to verify this information from their official website or by reaching out to a department advisor directly. Websites change, courses can be updated, and what was true one year can be different the next one. This is just a brief overview, and there's much more to explore about the program!

12 days ago

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