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How are Pennsylvania universities ranked?

Hey there! I'm beginning my college search and I'm really interested in going to school in Pennsylvania. How do the universities here rank in terms of reputation and academics? Any suggestions or personal favorites would be appreciated!

24 days ago

Pennsylvania is home to a number of highly-regarded universities, both public and private, that offer a wide range of academic programs. Here are some of the top universities in the state, along with their national rankings according to the U.S. News & World Report (2024 edition):

1. University of Pennsylvania (UPenn): Ranked #6 nationally, UPenn is an Ivy League institution with a strong reputation for its undergraduate programs, particularly in business (Wharton School) and engineering.

2. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU): Ranked #24 nationally, CMU is known for its strong programs in computer science, engineering, drama, and fine arts.

3. Lehigh University: Ranked #47 nationally, Lehigh is a private university with strengths in engineering, business, and the natural sciences.

4. Pennsylvania State University (Penn State): Ranked #60 nationally, Penn State is a large public university with a wide range of programs, from engineering and business to liberal arts and sciences.

5. University of Pittsburgh: Ranked #67 (tied) nationally, Pitt is a public university known for its strong programs in health sciences, including medicine, nursing, and pharmacy.

6. Villanova University: Ranked #67 (tied) nationally, Villanova is a private institution with strengths in business, engineering, and the liberal arts.

7. Temple University: Ranked #89 nationally, Temple is a public university with a diverse array of programs that span fields such as business, fine arts, engineering, and the liberal arts.

8. Drexel University: Ranked #98 nationally, Drexel is recognized for its unique cooperative education program (co-op), which allows students to alternate between academic coursework and full-time employment in their field of interest.

9. Duquesne University: Ranked #151 nationally, Duquesne is a private, Catholic university with strong programs in the health sciences, business, and liberal arts.

These rankings can provide a starting point for your college search in Pennsylvania, but it's essential to consider factors relevant to your individual needs and interests when making a decision. Each university has its own unique campus culture, extracurricular opportunities, and resources to support student success. I recommend researching each institution further and visiting campuses when possible to gain a better sense of what would be the best fit for you. Good luck with your college search!

24 days ago

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