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How important is the 'fit' factor when creating a college list?

Hello, I'm currently a junior and I'm in the process of making my college list. I've heard the term 'fit' thrown around a lot, but how important is it really? Should I prioritize it over factors like prestige and location? I'd appreciate any insight on how to find the right fit. Thanks!

8 months ago

Hello! I understand how overwhelming creating a college list can be. In my personal experience, 'fit' is definitely an essential factor to consider. College involves a significant investment of both time and money, so it's important to find a school that aligns with your values and interests. That being said, you should also consider other factors such as prestige, location, and available resources.

To find the right fit, start by identifying what you want in a college in terms of things like size, campus setting, majors offered, extracurricular activities, and the overall campus culture. For example, if you prefer a smaller, more close-knit community, you might focus on liberal arts colleges.

When visiting campuses or attending college fairs, take the time to speak with current students to get a feel for the school's atmosphere. Each college's 'fit' might be different for everyone. Remember, what works for one student might not work for another. Ultimately, finding the right fit will help ensure a fulfilling college experience and foster personal and academic growth. Good luck with your college search!

8 months ago

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