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Performing arts colleges: BFA or BA/BS degree?

Hey everyone! I'm a high school junior looking to pursue performing arts in college. I've read about schools offering BFA degrees and other colleges having regular BA/BS options. What are the differences between these two types of degrees and what factors should I consider when deciding which one to pursue? Your help is much appreciated!

8 months ago

Hi there! It's great to see your interest in pursuing performing arts in college. A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in performing arts can indeed differ in some ways.

The BFA is typically a more focused and intensive degree in a specific area of performing arts such as acting, dance, or music. You'll spend most of your time in classes and practical training related to your chosen art form. This degree is ideal if you wish to develop a deep skillset and possibly pursue a career in performing arts post-college.

On the other hand, a BA or BS degree in performing arts will provide a broader base of knowledge, including a wider selection of liberal arts courses. This option leaves more room for exploring other interests and taking electives from a variety of fields.

In making your decision, consider your career goals and how focused you want to be with your education in performing arts. Think about how important it is for you to have a diverse course selection and flexibility in your studies. Good luck on your journey!

8 months ago

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