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How should I go about researching a university?

Hey guys! I'm at the beginning of my college search and I could use some tips on how to effectively research a university? What aspects should I focus on and what sources should I consult? Thanks for your advice!

8 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're starting your college search early, and research is a key component in finding the right fit for you. Here's a simple process to help you along the way:

1. Create a list of your priorities: Consider factors like academic programs, location, campus size, extracurricular activities, campus culture, and financial aid options.

2. Visit college websites: Start by visiting the official websites of universities on your list. They usually provide abundant information about their programs, faculty, campus life, and more. Don't forget to explore their virtual tours, if available.

3. Talk to current students and alumni: Reach out to anyone you know who's attending or has attended the university. They can offer valuable insights about their experiences.

4. Use College Research Tools: Platforms like CollegeVine and others have valuable resources, such as student reviews and articles, that can help you get a comprehensive understanding of the universities in question.

5. Attend college fairs and info sessions: Many colleges hold information sessions and participate in college fairs, which can give you detailed information and an opportunity to ask your questions directly.

6. Visit the campus (if possible): A campus visit allows you to get a feel for the environment and helps you visualize yourself there.

Remember, take your time and be thorough with your research. Good luck in your college search!

8 months ago

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