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Will colleges consider my senior year grades?

If I'm applying regular decision, will the colleges I'm applying to look at my senior year grades? I'm a little stressed because I want to know if I should focus on improving my grades or devote more time to my college applications.

8 months ago

Yes, colleges will generally consider your senior year grades when reviewing your regular decision application. They'll likely request a mid-year report from your high school, which includes your first semester senior grades, to help determine your current academic standing.

It's essential to maintain a strong academic performance throughout your senior year, as colleges like to see consistent effort and diligence. That said, it's also important not to neglect your college applications, as they provide an opportunity to showcase who you are beyond your grades.

In short, it would be beneficial to find a balance between dedicating time to improve your senior year grades and giving your college applications the attention they deserve. Establishing a schedule may help you manage your time effectively and ensure you're putting forth your best effort in both areas.

8 months ago

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