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Film Production: NYU Tisch vs. USC School of Cinematic Arts

Hello! I'm a junior interested in studying film production, and as I plan out my college applications, I'm torn between NYU Tisch and USC School of Cinematic Arts. Can anyone provide insights on the strengths and differences between these two programs? What factors should I consider when making my decision? Thanks so much in advance!

8 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're considering two such excellent film production programs. Both NYU Tisch and USC School of Cinematic Arts have unique strengths, so think about your personal goals and preferences as you make your decision.

NYU Tisch is located in New York City, which is an amazing place to study film. Many consider NYC to be the center of independent cinema, so if that's an area you're interested in, Tisch might be the better choice for you. Additionally, Tisch has close connections to the theater community, providing more opportunities for crossover, if that's something you'd enjoy.

USC, on the other hand, is in Los Angeles, which is often seen as the heart of the film industry. Learning and potentially working near major studios like Disney, Warner Bros, and Universal can lead to more opportunities for internships and jobs after graduation. USC is also known for its strong alumni network, which can be an invaluable resource as you start your career.

Consider visiting both campuses and speaking to current students or faculty to get a better feel for each program. Good luck!

8 months ago

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