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Let's talk Petroleum Engineering

Hey guys! As a junior thinking future, I'm considering petroleum engineering. What're some of the top ten petroleum engineering schools and how competitive are they to get into?

23 days ago

Considering petroleum engineering? That's a fascinating field with promising job prospects as our world continues to rely heavily on the oil and gas industry. Here's a list of some of the top programs for petroleum engineering in the U.S:

1. University of Texas at Austin

2. Texas A&M University (College Station)

3. Colorado School of Mines

4. Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

5. University of Tulsa

6. University of Oklahoma

7. University of Southern California

8. Louisiana State University

9. University of Alaska Fairbanks

Now, the competitiveness of these schools in general, and their engineering programs specifically, varies. USC is the most competitive school on this list with a 10% acceptance rate and the University of Texas at Austin is also highly competitive, particularly for out-of-state students. Other schools like Colorado School of Mines and Pennsylvania State University, while still offering strong programs, might be slightly less competitive.

However, keep in mind that engineering programs can be more competitive than other programs at the same university due to high demand. Also, you should pair these rankings with considerations about what each program and university offers outside of the classroom. For instance, internships, research opportunities, and strong career services can be of great value when it comes to landing a good job post graduation.

Focus on what matters most to you in a college experience, and aim to build a school list that matches your academic profile and future career goals. Further, developing a "spike" or deep passion and achievement in your prospective field of study can improve your chances of admission into these top engineering programs. Good luck!

23 days ago

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