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What's the International Relations program like at Tufts?

Hey everyone, as an aspiring IR major, I heard Tufts has a strong program. Could anyone share their experiences or what they know about this program? I'd appreciate it.

21 days ago

Tufts University's international relations program is indeed one of the best in the nation, notably for its interdisciplinary approach and heavy emphasis on practical, real-world experience. The program blends coursework in economics, history, and political science, allowing you to study international relations from multiple angles.

What's particularly unique about the program is the International Relations Senior Capstone. This serves as a culmination of your academic journey where you tackle an Independent Research Project or an Experiential Learning Project. The former provides an opportunity to write a research thesis under faculty guidance, while the latter enables students to transform an internship, study abroad, or other experiential learning opportunity into a coherent academic project. This hands-on, experience-based learning approach can be incredibly beneficial.

To deepen your understanding of global matters, Tufts encourages all international relations majors to study abroad, showcasing the University's commitment to nurturing global citizens. There's an admirable range of study abroad options, with programs running in every continent so you can choose one that best suits your regional interest.

Moreover, Tufts is known for bringing in guest speakers from all over the world - diplomats, scholars, business leaders, journalists, and more - who share valuable insights with students. And because of Tufts' proximity to Boston, you'll be near numerous internationally-focused events, organizations, and institutions that can serve as excellent resources throughout your academic journey.

Remember, it's also important to consider how well the university fits your overall needs, including factors like campus culture, financial aid, living conditions, and other academic offerings. But if you're looking to dive deep into international relations and want a school that prioritizes this field, Tufts could be a great fit for you.

21 days ago

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