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UCSC Psychology Ranking?

Hey folks, I'm considering applying to UCSC for psychology. While rankings aren't everything, they're certainly something I'm factoring into my college search. Does anyone know where UCSC stands in terms of their psychology program?

19 days ago

While the specific ranking can fluctuate year to year, the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) generally has a strong psychology program. UCSC's psychology department often falls within the top 100 psychology departments globally. They offer a broad range of topics in psychology, with notable strengths in areas like perception, cognition, and development, psychological and brain sciences, and social psychology.

It's also important to remember that the program's perceived ranking can ultimately be less significant than whether the program's specific areas of strength align with your interests and career goals in the field of psychology. That being said, UCSC's broad range of offerings within the psychology department would offer you a lot of flexibility to explore different areas within the field. It would also be beneficial to research the faculty in the department, to see whose research interests align with yours - this can often play a large role in your undergraduate experience.

Lastly, one unique aspect of UCSC's psychology department is their hands-on research opportunities available to undergraduates, including the opportunity to work for credit in a faculty-led research lab, which can be invaluable experience if you plan on pursuing psychology in graduate school.

19 days ago

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