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Is UH's Engineering Program Good?

Hey all, been looking into the University of Houston for engineering. Anyone know how the program ranks nationally? Thanks!

23 days ago

Absolutely, the University of Houston (UH) is known for having a solid engineering program that is competitive nationally. As per the U.S. News & World Report's recent edition of 'Best Colleges', the school’s Cullen College of Engineering ranked among the top 70 engineering schools in the country. What's particularly striking about the university’s engineering programs is the ability for students to work on cutting-edge research projects, even at the undergraduate level, and the strong ties to the local industry, giving students many opportunities for internships and jobs. Furthermore, Houston is a major hub for industries such as energy and aerospace, so you could find practical applications for your education right in your backyard.

Please keep in mind that rankings can change yearly and they aren't everything. Nonetheless, UH engineering graduates are consistently recruited directly out of the program by top companies and many also go on to pursue masters or doctoral degrees. Hope this helps!

23 days ago

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