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USC political science major experiences?

Hey guys, I'm strongly considering applying to USC for a political science major. Anyone here majoring in polisci at USC? Can you share your experience or thoughts about the program?

19 days ago

Hey! While I'm not personally a political science major at USC, I can share some insights from others who have gone through the program. Many students appreciate the diverse range of courses offered, which cover various aspects of political science, such as political theory, American politics, international relations, and comparative politics. The faculty is often cited as knowledgeable and passionate, which makes class discussions engaging and thought-provoking.

One significant aspect of the program at USC is the emphasis on research and hands-on opportunities. The Unruh Institute of Politics, housed within the department, offers numerous programs and internships related to politics and public policy. This can be an excellent opportunity to apply your classroom learning to real-world situations and build your professional network. The best part is that USC's location in Los Angeles exposes you to various political scenes, local and international organizations, and networking events, making it easier to find internships or get involved in the field.

Another upside of the program is the numerous resources for professional development. USC offers events like policy forums, guest speaker seminars, and workshops that allow you to gain insights from experts and explore different career paths within political science.

However, as with any program, there can be some challenges. The courses can be demanding, and managing a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge might be tough. In such scenarios, forming study groups and reaching out to professors can be helpful in ensuring you get the most out of the program.

In summary, the political science program at USC is comprehensive and offers a multitude of opportunities for students to engage with both the theoretical and practical aspects of politics. The strong faculty, wide range of courses, and access to the Unruh Institute of Politics, combined with the resources of a large university and the location in Los Angeles, make it an attractive choice for those interested in the field. Good luck with your application process!

19 days ago

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