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Stevens - The Institute of Business & Arts?

Hey everyone! I came across this school called 'Stevens - The Institute of Business & Arts' recently and wanted to know what you guys think about their programs. Is it worth considering? Also, any insights on the campus vibe would be awesome!

17 days ago

Stevens - The Institute of Business & Arts (formerly known as Patricia Stevens College) is a small, accredited, for-profit institution located in St. Louis, Missouri. Their primary focus is on offering undergraduate degrees in fashion, business, retail management, interior design, and graphic design.

As with any college consideration, the worth of their programs depends on your individual academic and career goals. Since it's a specialized institution focusing on a few fields, if those align with your interests, it may be a good fit. To determine if the school's programs work for you, research the individual programs on their website, examine faculty credentials, and consider reaching out to current students or alumni via LinkedIn for their opinions. In addition, reviewing the school's graduate placement statistics, internship opportunities, and job support services can provide a sense of the value the school may provide for your future career.

Regarding the campus vibe, it's important to remember that the campus itself is small and located in an urban setting. You can expect a tight-knit and focused environment that may lack the variety and diversity of extracurricular offerings found in larger institutions. Since it is a for-profit school, the emphasis may be more career-oriented rather than fostering a more traditional, well-rounded college experience.

Visiting the campus (if possible) or participating in virtual tours and events can help you get a sense of the campus atmosphere and student life. Connecting with current students or attending school events can be valuable in determining if Stevens - The Institute of Business & Arts is the right fit for you.

17 days ago

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