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Boston University Pre-Med Ranking

I'm considering going pre-med, and Boston University caught my eye. How does their pre-med program rank nationwide? Do they have a good track record of students getting into med school, and what kind of support does BU offer to pre-med students?

12 days ago

Boston University (BU) doesn't have a specific pre-med ranking, as pre-med is an educational track rather than a major or a distinct program. However, BU is known for its strong science and healthcare-related programs and has a good reputation among pre-med students.

While it's difficult to assign a specific ranking to the pre-med program at BU, many students choose this school because of its well-regarded College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) and School of Medicine (BUSM). BU's CAS offers strong foundational coursework in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics for pre-med students. Additionally, the proximity of Boston's renowned hospitals and research institutions, such as Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Children's Hospital, provides excellent opportunities for research, internships, and shadowing experiences.

For pre-med support, BU offers a variety of resources, including the Pre-Professional Advising office, which helps students navigate their pre-med journey from course selection to medical school applications. The Pre-Professional Advising office offers workshops, information sessions, and one-on-one advising appointments to guide students through the medical school application process. Moreover, BU's Pre-Medical Society, a student-run organization, provides additional networking and support opportunities through mentorship programs and workshops on topics such as MCAT preparation and interview skills.

In summary, although there is no specific pre-med ranking for Boston University, the school is well-regarded for its science and healthcare programs, as well as its solid medical school acceptance rate. Through the Pre-Professional Advising office and additional pre-med resources, BU offers a comprehensive support system to help pre-med students on their journey toward medical school.

12 days ago

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