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Is Boston University a research university? Can undergraduates get involved?

Hi, I'm considering applying to Boston University, and I'm curious if it's a research university. If so, are undergraduates encouraged to participate in research projects? I'm planning to major in psychology. Thanks for any information!

8 months ago

Hello! Yes, Boston University is indeed a research university. It's classified as an 'R1' institution, which reflects the highest level of research activity at a university. Undergraduates, including those majoring in psychology, have ample opportunities to get involved in research projects.

Many professors at BU actively involve undergraduates in their research, providing valuable hands-on experience. For example, BU has the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) which connects students with faculty-led research projects. This program promotes a culture of undergraduate research across all disciplines.

I encourage you to explore the psychology department's website to learn more about the research being conducted at BU, so you can figure out of the ongoing projects align with your more specific interests within the field. If you find professors whose research interests align with yours, you can also reach out to them directly to learn more. They'll likely be happy to discuss their work with you, and ways you could potentially get involved if you were to end up attending BU.

Good luck with your college search!

8 months ago

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