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What exactly is a research-intensive university?

I'm currently a junior looking into potential colleges to apply to. I've heard the term 'research-intensive university' tossed around but I'm not sure what it actually means. Can someone explain what the focus at a research-intensive university is and how it might differ from other types of universities? Thanks!

8 months ago

Hi there! I'm glad you're asking such important questions about your college options. A research-intensive university is a type of higher education institution that emphasizes research and the creation of new knowledge, often in addition to teaching. These universities invest heavily in research-related infrastructure and have a strong focus on graduate programs (e.g. Masters and Doctoral degrees) in addition to undergraduate programs.

What sets research-intensive universities apart is their exceptional commitment to supporting faculty and student research across many fields, including STEM, humanities, and social sciences. For students, this typically means more opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research projects, often working alongside professors and graduate students. It might also mean that your professors will be active researchers, which could provide additional opportunities for learning and networking.

In contrast, other types of universities (such as liberal arts colleges or teaching-focused institutions) prioritize undergraduate teaching, and may have fewer or less extensive research opportunities. The ideal choice depends on your personal preferences and academic interests. If you see yourself potentially heading towards a research-focused career, a research-intensive university might be a great fit for you. Best of luck in your college search!

8 months ago

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