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Insight needed on the Industrial Design program at BYU

Hey folks, I'm really interested in Industrial Design and considering applying to BYU. Can anyone give me more insight into their program? Strengths, weaknesses, internships, anything you think I should know would be really helpful.

21 days ago

Sure, happy to share insights on the Industrial Design program at BYU!

First off, one of the main strengths of the program is its close-knit community. The program typically only accepts around 16 students each year, resulting in a highly personalized learning experience for each student. You'd be working closely with your professors and other students in the program, fostering a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the program's focus on both the artistic and technical aspects of Industrial Design. You'll cover topics in drawing, computer-aided design (CAD), product development, and manufacturing processes. This balanced approach could be a significant advantage if you're looking to gain a comprehensive foundation in this field.

The Industrial Design program at BYU is also known for fostering real-world experience through its internship opportunities. Students have interned at companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Ford Motor Company. This exposure not only gives students a chance to apply what they've learned, but it can also help students establish connections that can be beneficial when heading into the job market after graduation.

As for weaknesses, some students might find the program's small size limiting, as it could mean fewer elective course options or less diversity in faculty expertise. It's also worth noting that although the program turns out quality graduates and connects students with prestigious internships, it might not have the same national reputation as those at schools like Rhode Island School of Design or Pratt Institute.

Remember, what's most important is that the program aligns well with your personal learning style and career aspirations. I would encourage you to reach out to current students or alumni to get their perspective, or to visit the campus if possible to get a feel for the environment.

Overall, the BYU Industrial Design program is highly competitive and prepares its students well for both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in this field. As with any program, though, it is essential to do your research to ensure it fits your specific needs and career goals.

21 days ago

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