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Are research universities better than non-research universities in general?

Hi everyone, as I'm comparing different universities and trying to finalize my college list, I've been wondering if research universities are generally better than non-research ones. Is there a significant difference in terms of educational quality or opportunities? I'm leaning towards majoring in psychology and would love any input you can offer. Thanks!

8 months ago

Hello! Great question, and it's essential to consider such factors when finalizing your college list. Research universities usually have a wide range of resources and opportunities for students, specifically in terms of grants, facilities and access to cutting-edge research. Nevertheless, non-research universities might offer smaller class sizes and a more intimate learning environment. For your psychology major, either can work well depending on your preferred learning style and goals.

Note, however, that research universities with a strong psychology department could provide more opportunities to get involved in research projects, which could be valuable if you're planning to pursue graduate studies or a research-based career. Ultimately, I suggest considering each college's unique offerings, environment, and resources, instead of solely focusing on whether it's a research university.

Good luck as you make your decision!

8 months ago

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