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How's the Computer Science Major at William and Mary?

Hey everyone, I'm planning to major in Computer Science. I'm considering William and Mary, but I'd like to know how the program is rated and what the experience is like for CS students there. Any input?

10 days ago

Although I can't provide a firsthand experience, I can share what I know about the Computer Science program at William and Mary. The program is quite robust, with a solid curriculum offering a wide range of courses from foundational programming and data structures to more advanced topics like machine learning and cybersecurity.

The department, while not as large as those at some institutions, boasts a distinct advantage: its relatively small size fosters a close-knit, supportive community, where you can get to know your professors and fellow students well. This can lead to more tailored advice, stronger letters of recommendation, and insightful collaborations.

Moreover, the department does a good job of keeping up with the latest trends in the industry. The curriculum stays current with the evolving landscape of technology, so you can be assured that what you're learning is applicable in real-world settings.

One aspect that sets the program apart is its emphasis on both theory and practice. While you'll certainly delve into algorithms and theoretical computer science, you'll also get plenty of hands-on experience to bolster your practical skills. This balance can be very beneficial as you prepare for the job market or graduate school, as both theoretical understanding and practical proficiency are valuable in the field of Computer Science.

Finally, many CS students at William and Mary have found internships and job opportunities via the college's strong alumni network. The career center also provides support in terms of resume writing, interview preparation, and job searches. While it's always important to be proactive in seeking opportunities, the assistance provided by the institution can be very helpful.

Of course, it's also good to hear from current students or recent alumni to get a fleshed-out picture. Similarly, different people value different aspects of a program, and what's most important is that the program aligns with your personal academic and career goals.

10 days ago

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