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MIT's Retention Rate

I've been doing some digging on colleges, and I've been eyeing MIT. Heard about the concept of a college retention rate, so was wondering, what's the retention rate at MIT? Does it hold a good stand?

19 days ago

MIT indeed holds a strong standing when it comes to retention rates. The first-year retention rate at MIT is usually around 98%, which indicates that nearly all freshmen continue their education at MIT after the first year. This is a very high retention rate and it's a sign that MIT does a good job making first-year students feel welcome and supported, and that most students are pleased with their decision to attend MIT.

However, remember that a high retention rate is just one factor to consider when looking at colleges. It can be a useful data point when combined with other information like graduation rates, student satisfaction surveys, and the college's resources available for academic and personal support. Make sure to examine these factors as well to truly gauge the overall student experience at a school.

19 days ago

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