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Can you get deferred from early decision and still apply to other schools?

Hello! I was wondering what happens if I get deferred from my early decision school. Can I still apply to other schools through regular decision or am I still committed to that school if I later get accepted? Thank you in advance for any help!

8 months ago

Hello! Great question. If you're deferred from your early decision (ED) school, it means that the admissions committee has decided to postpone making a decision on your application until the regular decision pool. In this scenario, you are no longer bound by the ED agreement, and you're free to apply to other schools through regular decision.

In fact, it's recommended that you apply to other schools, as being deferred doesn't guarantee you a spot at your ED school later on. If you're later accepted to the ED school during the regular decision round, it's the same as any other RD acceptance--you can decide whether to attend that school, or any other you have been accepted to.

So, yes, you can certainly apply to other schools if you're deferred from your early decision choice. Good luck with your applications, and I hope this clears up your concern!

8 months ago

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