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Standout D2 Track Schools?

Hey all! I'm looking to continue running track in college, specifically at a D2 school. Does anyone have any suggestions on schools with strong D2 programs? What should be my range of stats to be competitive?

19 days ago

There's a decent number of D2 schools across the country with impressive track and field programs. Some standout ones include:

1. Adams State University (Colorado): Renowned for both its cross country and track and field programs.

2. Grand Valley State University (Michigan): Their track and field program is typically very competitive.

3. Pittsburg State University (Kansas): Known for having a robust program with strong performance history.

When looking at competitiveness, bear in mind that an athletic scholarship can indeed cover a university's track and field program. The exact figures vary between universities and students, so it's important to reach out to the respective track coaches and athletic departments at these universities to gather this information.

For the academic component, look at the average admission stats of these schools. For instance, incoming students at Grand Valley State typically have an average GPA of around 3.7 and an SAT score between 1080-1270.

Remember that in addition to your athletic prowess, you need to meet the academic requirements of your schools of interest to ensure your admission. Keep in mind, in D2 schools, the balance between athletics and academics tends to be very emphasized. So, your academic performance certainly does count.

Best of luck with your college track career!

19 days ago

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