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Why are liberal arts colleges ranked separately?

Hi, I am curious about why liberal arts colleges are typically ranked separately from research universities. How do these rankings differ? Is there a specific reason for this separation? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

8 months ago

Hello! Great question. Liberal arts colleges and research universities tend to have different missions, academic focuses, and environments, which is why they are often ranked separately. Liberal arts colleges prioritize undergraduate students, with a focus on developing a broad base of knowledge in a range of subjects. They tend to have smaller class sizes, which can promote closer relationships with faculty members and foster a more interactive learning experience.

On the other hand, research universities put more emphasis on graduate education and research, which can lead to more resources and opportunities in those areas. This often results in a larger campus, more course offerings, and professional degree options. By separating the rankings, it allows for more accurate comparisons between institutions with similar goals and characteristics. I hope this clarifies things for you!

8 months ago

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