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Biomedical Science Program at RIT

I've been eyeing the Biomedical Science program at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Seems really good to me, but I'd appreciate hearing from someone who's been in the program. Are the faculty supportive? How's the research opportunity? Your responses are much needed!

15 days ago

I'm not a student at RIT, but I've interacted with several students while guiding them through their college experiences. Based on what I've heard, the faculty at RIT's Biomedical Sciences program are generally supportive. It's quite common for professors to go out of their way to support their students, whether that's through mentoring, providing extra study materials, holding office hours, or even discussing career options within the field.

As for research opportunities, RIT is known for its co-op program and practical approach to education, which attracts a lot of students to its programs. The Biomedical Sciences program is no different. In past years, students have had co-op experiences at local hospitals, research institutions, and biotechnology companies. There are also ample on-campus opportunities, as RIT encourages undergraduate research. Faculty have their own research projects, and they often welcome the assistance and involvement of undergraduate students.

I should highlight that these experiences may vary from person to person. It might be beneficial to reach out to the department directly about the opportunities available currently. They could provide more specifics, or even connect you with current students or alumni who could give you firsthand information about the program.

15 days ago

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