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Biomedical Sciences at Cornell

Hi friends! Super curious about the Biomedical Sciences scene at Cornell. Can anyone share their thoughts/experiences? I'm really eager to get a student's perspective.

16 days ago

Cornell is a research powerhouse, and that definitely extends to its Biomedical Sciences. The environment is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary, echoing Cornell's ethos of "Any Person, Any Study." This allows you to flexibly tailor your program of study and work with other departments, getting you exposure to different areas related to Biomedical Sciences.

You'd also have plenty of research opportunities. Cornell, being located in Ithaca, offers undergraduates access to a variety of research labs. Working in labs can be an insightful and engaging way to build on what you're learning in classes and understand the application of your studies. It's not uncommon for undergraduates to publish work or attend conferences, which is a fantastic addition to your academic portfolio.

Facilities for the Biological Sciences are technologically advanced and the faculty is composed of active researchers who are leaders in their respective fields. This can make the learning process more insightful as you're hearing from researchers who are on the forefront of understanding in their fields.

Clubs and organizations, such as the Biomedical Engineering Society, offer you the chance to meet other interested and passionate students outside of a strictly academic context, giving you a chance to explore, learn and lead beyond the classroom. These can also provide you with networking or study opportunities.

One possible challenge can be the rigor of some courses; however, students often find that the level of challenge can further motivate them to learn and push their boundaries. Plus, there's a strong support system via TAs, office hours, and fellow students which should ensure you aren't overwhelmed.

The major opens up numerous career paths, from medicine to research to industry. The breadth and depth of the program allows you to explore what you're most drawn to in the Biomedical Sciences and prepare for your chosen path. Keep in mind it's pretty common to double major or minor in something complementary, like Computer Science or Chemistry, allowing you to develop a well-rounded view of the Biological Sciences.

Overall, Biomedical Sciences at Cornell is a great choice. It's a stimulating and challenging environment where you'll have room to pursue your specific interests in the field, access to top-notch faculty and facilities, and myriad opportunities to use what you're learning in real-world applications.

16 days ago

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