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Opinions on CSULA's Criminal Justice Program?

Hey! I've been targeting Cal State L.A. (CSULA) for a potential Criminal Justice major. I haven’t found any definitive rankings for their program though. Can anyone speak to the quality of this program or point me towards some reliable resources?

15 days ago

While it is true that specific rankings for Cal State L.A.'s Criminal Justice program might not be readily available, for many students, other factors might prove to be more important. Let's discuss these key factors about CSULA and its Criminal Justice program.

Firstly, a significant aspect to look at is the faculty. CSULA's School of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics features faculty members with extensive industry experience, who often conduct research in their respective fields. They bring practical knowledge into class offering students insights into the real-world workings of the Criminal Justice system.

The center of the program is the Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Center, a $102-million state-of-the-art facility. Being located in a major city like Los Angeles also avails students of a multitude of internship and professional opportunities.

Also, the curriculum is comprehensive and versatile which can prepare students well. For instance, it covers topics like policing, corrections, juvenile justice, and legal aspects, to name a few. It also provides hands-on training through research and internships.

A crucial point to consider is that Cal State schools, including CSULA, have generally strong ties to local communities. Graduates often find job placements within the regional criminal justice system due to these connections.

In terms of resources, I would suggest you reach out directly to the university's admissions office or department. They can provide specific details about the program and even connect you with current students or alumni who can share their experiences.

Overall, while rankings can provide some insight, the best way to evaluate a program is to look at the aspects most important to you - whether it be faculty, curriculum, internships, or job placement.

15 days ago

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