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Engineering program at UNC Chapel Hill?

Hi peeps, I'm really interested in pursuing engineering, but I'm not sure which colleges have solid programs. Currently, I'm eyeing UNC Chapel Hill, it's got a great vibe and it's in my home state of NC. But, does anyone know if they have an engineering major on offer? Couldn't find any definitive info on their website.

18 days ago

UNC Chapel Hill is more famous for its programs in business, journalism, and the sciences (especially biology and chemistry), but they've been working to grow their engineering department in the last couple of years in response to student interest.

UNC's engineering department is part of its Applied Physical Sciences program. They offer two degrees: a B.S. in Applied Sciences and a B.S. in Engineering Science. Each of these programs lets you select an area of emphasis, such as materials science or biomedical applications. They tend to be multi-disciplinary and research-focused degrees.

However, if you want a more traditional engineering curriculum or a bigger selection of engineering majors (such as electrical, civil, or mechanical), you might want to consider NC State. It's also in North Carolina and has one of the more comprehensive engineering programs in the country.

Regardless, it's always a good idea to visit both departments (if possible), talk to current students or professors, and do a bit more research to see which program aligns best with your interests and career goals. Good luck with your college search!

18 days ago

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