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Is Boston University's Finance Program Highly Ranked?

Hey y'all! I'm a high school junior who's really interested in finance and I've been looking at Boston University's program lately. I was wondering if anyone here knows how highly ranked Boston University's finance program is. Is it respected in the finance industry? Thanks in advance!

19 days ago

Certainly! Boston University (BU) has an excellent reputation for finance. According to most recent rankings, BU's Questrom School of Business is generally ranked amongst the top 50 business schools in the U.S, and its finance program is particularly noteworthy.

BU's finance program is comprehensive, offering students a robust understanding of financial theory as well as practical applications. Because location can also impact the profile of a finance program, it's important to note that BU benefits from being in a major city like Boston, which is a significant finance and investment hub. This proximity provides excellent opportunities for internships and networking, which could set you up well for future prospects in the industry.

While it may not have the same caché as Wharton or Stern, BU's program is widely respected and produces graduates who go on to careers in top financial firms. However, keep in mind that the ranking of a university program isn’t the only important factor here. It would also be beneficial to consider factors like class size, internship opportunities, alumni network, and career placement records within the industry.

Remember, finding the right fit for you in terms of your academic and career goals, as well as your personal and social needs, can be even more crucial than a program's ranking. Good luck in your college search!

19 days ago

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