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Freshman year or freshmen year - Which is correct?

Hey guys, I've seen both 'freshman year' and 'freshmen year' being used, which one is correct? Can both be used interchangeably, or is there a rule for it?

8 months ago

Hello there! Your question is a common one and I'm glad you asked for clarification. The correct term when referring to the first year of college is 'freshman year.' The word 'freshman' is singular when describing the year or experience of a single student, whereas 'freshmen' is the plural form used when referring to students in their first year collectively. In this context, 'freshman' is an adjective.

The distinction is similar to 'sophomore year' versus 'sophomores,' 'junior year' versus 'juniors,' and 'senior year' versus 'seniors.' For example, one would say, 'During my freshman year, I joined several clubs,' but 'The freshmen are attending orientation today.' So, to answer your question, 'freshman year' is correct when you're talking about the first year experience, and you wouldn't use 'freshmen year.' I hope this helps clear up the confusion!

8 months ago

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