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Student Population at University of Louisville?

Hello! I'm researching the University of Louisville for my college search, but I wanted to know more about the student body size. Does anyone know about the size of the student population and the professor-student ratio there? Any additional insights would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

18 days ago

Sure, happy to help! The University of Louisville, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is a public research university with about 20,000 undergraduate students. Hence, it has quite a large undergraduate population which can result in a vibrant campus life with a broad array of opportunities for social activities, clubs, and organizations.

When it comes to the professor-student ratio, it's currently about 13:1. This is a fairly moderate ratio compared to many other universities, suggesting there should be ample opportunities for students to get to know their faculty, but there may still be some larger lectures, especially in common lower-level courses.

One thing to keep in mind with a school of this size is that the availability of smaller classes or direct professor interaction could vary quite a bit by the department or the course level. More advanced courses within your major are likely to have smaller class sizes, and therefore more direct interaction with professors.

Remember, visiting the campus (if possible), or speaking with current students or alumni can be very helpful in getting a better feel for the place. Good luck with your college search!

18 days ago

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