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What's the layout of the AP Chemistry Test?

Hello everyone, I'm a rising junior who has just signed up for AP Chemistry. I'm just wondering, what's the structure of the AP Chemistry test like? How many sections are there and how much time is allocated for each section? I'm trying to strategize my studying plan.

21 days ago

The AP Chemistry exam is structured into two main sections, each of which are designed to measure your understanding of the course material differently.

The first section is Multiple Choice. This portion is 90 minutes long and contains 60 multiple-choice questions. It's worth noting that you won't lose points for incorrect answers in this section, so it's beneficial to attempt all questions even if you're unsure about some. The multiple-choice section accounts for 50% of your total score.

The second section is Free Response. This portion also takes 90 minutes and consists of 7 questions. These questions are a mix of long and short free-response questions. Short free-response questions typically require fewer calculations or less explanation than long questions. They can ask you to explain a concept, solve a problem, or conduct an analysis. The free-response section contributes to the remaining 50% of your total score.

As a tip for studying, I would recommend practicing with past year papers to become familiar with the types of questions and the pace required. Understanding how to apply your chemistry knowledge to solve problems and explain concepts will be key. Good luck with your preparation!

21 days ago

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