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Getting a football scholarship senior year

Hey, I'm wondering if it's still possible for me to get a football scholarship during my senior year? I have been playing on my high school's varsity team since my sophomore year and I plan on continuing during my senior year. What should I be doing to increase my chances of getting a scholarship?

8 months ago

Absolutely, it's still possible to secure a football scholarship in your senior year. Since you've been on the varsity team for a while, you should start by compiling a highlight reel of your best plays from previous seasons. This can be shared with college coaches to showcase your abilities. Additionally, make sure that you're maintaining good academic standing, as this can be just as important to college coaches.

Contact the coaches at the colleges you are interested in and express your desire to play for their team. Attend college football camps and combines, where many players get noticed. Keep working hard on the field and in the classroom, and be proactive in reaching out to college programs. Communicate with your high school coach as well; they can often help with reaching out to their college counterparts. Finally, if you're not already, get registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center, as this is required for athletes who want to compete at the collegiate level. Good luck!

8 months ago

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