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Necessary Requirements for Yale University Admission

Hello everyone - how’s it going? So, I'm setting my eyes on Yale for uni, but I'm wondering what requirements they have for applicants. If anyone here has any inside scoop about what they are looking for or what the required GPA/test score thresholds are, it would be super helpful. Thanks a ton!

16 days ago

At Yale University, admissions consider a multitude of aspects in assessing an applicant, so it's important to know there are no hard and fast cutoffs when it comes to GPA and test scores. However, you can look at the general range that past admitted students generally fell within for an idea of what they tend to look for academically. To give you an idea of the competitiveness of the application, Yale accepted 3.7% of applicants for the class of 2028.

According to the Yale admissions site (as of the 2024-2025 cycle), they are no longer test-optional and do require either ACT or SAT test scores. While Yale doesn't provide precise average or median test scores for accepted students, most of the admitted applicants have scores in the top percentiles.

As for GPAs, Yale doesn't provide a specific cutoff point. But given the high level of competitiveness, most admitted students have high GPAs, often near or at a perfect 4.0. Keep in mind, though, that more emphasis is placed on course rigor, where Yale wants to see students challenging themselves with AP, IB, or other advanced coursework relevant to their academic interests.

Extracurricular involvement is also crucial in the admissions process at Yale. They are looking for students who have shown a significant level of commitment, accomplishment, and leadership in a few areas they are passionate about. Additionally, essays and recommendations play significant roles in showcasing an applicant's personality, achievements, and potential contributions to the Yale community.

Keep in mind that all this information is used to gauge a student's fit with Yale's values and community. Yale values intellectual curiosity, leadership, and a commitment to making a difference, and the admissions committee is looking for students who embody these qualities. Hope this helps!

16 days ago

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