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Can I finish my senior year of high school online?

Hi all! Due to personal circumstances, I'm considering completing my senior year of high school online. Is this possible? How would it affect my college admissions? Any advice on the process would be helpful!

8 months ago

Finishing senior year online is not only possible, but has become quite common, especially following the widespread adoption of online learning in recent years. Colleges are familiar with this route and are generally accepting of it, as long as the online high school is accredited. It shouldn't have a negative impact on your college admissions, provided that the online school’s curriculum is rigorous and you maintain strong academic performance. Additionally, your extracurricular involvement, personal essays, and letters of recommendation continue to play a significant role.

As for advice on the process, make sure to research and choose a reputable online high school, keep track of all deadlines as they might differ from a traditional school's timeline, and stay in close communication with your college counselor to ensure you’re meeting all the necessary requirements for college admissions. If you have further concerns or need more specific guidance, it's best to speak directly with admissions officers at the colleges you are interested in or seek advice from educational consultants who specialize in online education.

8 months ago

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