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Total Faculty Members at Harvard?

Is there a ratio of faculty to student at Harvard University or just a total number of faculty count? Would love to know to compare it to other universities I'm considering. Thank you!

15 days ago

Harvard University tends to pride itself on its commitment to maintaining a small student-to-faculty ratio. According to recent data, the student-to-faculty ratio at Harvard University is approximately 7:1, affording students the opportunity for more personalized attention and instruction.

Additionally, Harvard University lists a total faculty count of about 2,400. This number encompasses faculty across all the various departments and programs, including both full-time and part-time faculty.

However, keep in mind that what's equally, if not more, important than the size of the faculty is the accessibility of professors, the frequency of small classes (seminars), and the expertise of the faculty in the program you're interested in. These factors can play a large role in your educational experience, so it can be beneficial to take them into account in addition to just the raw numbers. Is the faculty easily accessible outside of office hours? Are they engaged in noteworthy research in their field?

Remember, the faculty-to-student ratio and total faculty count are typically used as broad indicators of the educational environment, but your individual experience can vary greatly depending on your specific program and how you take advantage of everything the institution has to offer.

15 days ago

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