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I could use some help getting a copy of my high school diploma

So here's the thing, I realized I need to get a copy of my high school diploma for some of my applications. How do I go about that? Should I contact my high school directly, or is there an online method? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

10 days ago

Your best bet is to reach out to your high school directly. The school's office, typically the registrar or the main administrative office, is responsible for maintaining student records and should be able to assist you in getting a copy of your diploma.

Keep in mind, these requests often require some information from you for verification purposes, such as your full name (as it appeared on the diploma), your birth date, and your graduation date. Some schools may also charge a nominal fee for this service, so be prepared just in case.

Alternatively, if your high school is part of a larger school district, you may need to contact the district's office instead. You can typically find this information on your school’s or district's webpage.

It's also worth mentioning that some online applications may allow you to submit your official transcript as an alternative to a diploma. Transcripts could be easier to obtain and are often more detailed than a diploma, as they include course grades and graduation date.

Overall, I'd recommend you start by making a call or sending an email to your high school registrar's office as soon as possible, as processing times for these requests can sometimes be longer than expected.

10 days ago

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