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Details on University of Wisconsin-Madison Admissions

Planning to apply to University of Wisconsin-Madison for my undergrad, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Can someone guide me through the general admissions process there? How challenging is it?

18 days ago

To start, it's good to know that the University of Wisconsin-Madison (known as UW Madison) has a fairly selective admissions process - only around 52% of applicants are typically accepted.

To apply, begin by preparing to submit your application via the Common Application or the Coalition Application. UW Madison does not have its own application system.

As part of the application process, you'll need to provide information on your high school coursework and grades, activities, and awards. The university does pay particular attention to the rigor of your high school coursework, including AP classes, IB curriculum, honors classes, and so on.

You'll also want to put significant effort into your application essays. UW Madison requires one supplemental essay, where you can share more about your experiences, influences, and goals. This is a prime opportunity for you to showcase your personality, explain why you're a good fit for UW Madison, and highlight any unique areas of passion or accomplishment you've pursued.

As of the 2024-2025 cycle, UW Madison is test-optional, which means submitting SAT or ACT scores is not necessary, but can be beneficial if you have scores that strengthen your application. Be mindful, though, that if you choose to submit scores, they should ideally be competitive with UW Madison’s typical student profile to aid your application.

For extracurriculars, keep in mind that UW Madison, like many other universities, values depth over breadth. Having a few activities where you showed significant involvement, achievements, or leadership may be more advantageous than participation in a large number of activities with low involvement.

Also, remember that UW Madison has a early action deadline of November 1. While the final deadline is January 16.

Feel free to further explore the school’s website, attend virtual admissions events, and get in touch with the undergraduate admissions office if you have specific questions. The admissions process can feel overwhelming, but knowing what to expect can lessen the stress considerably. Best of luck with your application!

18 days ago

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