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Effective SAT Math Prep?

Hello all, I've been struggling a bit with the Math portion of the SATs. Do any of you have any suggestions for effective SAT math prep materials or strategies? Thanks in advance.

19 days ago

Certainly, it's common to face challenges when preparing for the math section of the SAT, but with the right materials and strategies, improvement can be achieved!

Khan Academy is a free resource that offers SAT prep courses tailored to your skill level if you link it to your College Board account. As you answer practice problems, the program will adjust the difficulty to focus on areas where you need more practice.

Try getting your hands on The Official SAT Study Guide by College Board. It has authentic SAT practice tests with detailed answer explanations, so it's great for understanding your mistakes and avoiding them in the future.

As far as strategies go, familiarize yourself with the types of problems you'll come across on the test.

Also, pay special attention to the structure of the digital SAT. There are two 35-minute math modules, with around 96 seconds per question. Be sure you're managing your time effectively.

One last strategy I'd recommend is to learn how to eliminate wrong answers. This is especially useful for multiple-choice questions where you're unsure of the right answer. Eliminating what you know is wrong can significantly improve your odds of guessing the correct answer.

Remember, consistent practice, patience, and analyzing your mistakes are key to improving your math score. Best of luck with your prep!

19 days ago

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