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Suggestions for Performing Arts Colleges in NY?

Yo, I'm heavily into performing arts and I'm looking for good colleges in New York that have strong programs in this field. Any recommendations or reviews about certain schools?

10 days ago

Sure, I'm happy to share some insights about a few New York colleges known for their strong performing arts programs.

The Juilliard School stands out as one of the top performing arts schools in the world, and it's located in NYC. It's highly competitive and offers rigorous programs in dance, drama, and music.

New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts is another prominent choice. They provide diversified programs covering all aspects of the arts including Film and Television, Musical Theatre, and Acting, to mention a few.

Columbia University's School of the Arts offers degrees in Film, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Writing. It is renowned for its programs and its location provides access to NYC's vibrant arts scene.

Purchase College (SUNY) also has a conservatory-style School of The Arts, including programs in Theatre and Performance, Film, and Dance. It's a more affordable option and is located not too far from NYC, providing a quieter campus with access to the city.

Do remember, fit with the institution’s culture and vision is crucial. You might want to consider their focus (contemporary vs classical training), student-faculty ratio, location (urban vs suburban), opportunities for performances, and alumni networks. Make sure to check out their official websites and even reach out to current students or alumni if possible for firsthand accounts to aid you in making informed decisions.

10 days ago

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