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Definition of a 'target school'

So, I keep hearing about 'target schools' in the college admission process. Can anyone clarify exactly what this term means? How do I determine what my target schools are?

12 days ago

A 'target school' is referred to as a university or college where your academic credentials (such as GPA, test scores, extracurriculars, etc...) align closely with the middle 50% of students who were admitted in previous years. These institutions are considered a good fit for you academically because you have about even odds of being admitted - it's neither a high reach nor a guaranteed 'safety' school.

Remember, the whole college search process is about finding schools that are the right fit for you—places where you will be challenged but can also thrive, and where you can find the opportunities and resources that will support your goals. Therefore, the idea is to apply to a balanced mix of reach, target, and safety schools to ensure you have a range of options.

12 days ago

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