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CSUSM Location - Good for a Computer Science Major?

Hi all, I'm considering CSU San Marcos (CSUSM) and majoring in Computer Science. Location often plays a role in networking opportunities and job prospects, and I haven't been able to find much info on this. Anyone have insights on whether CSUSM’s location is a good fit for a CS major?

16 days ago

San Marcos, where CSU San Marcos is located, is in the state of California, which is generally recognized as a very tech-heavy state. In fact, San Marcos sits in the technology-rich region of Southern California. The region boasts an increasing number of tech start-ups and established corporations, meaning that internship and post-grad opportunities for computer science majors are abundant.

Its proximity to San Diego, approximately 30 miles south of the campus, makes it easier for you to attend tech meet-ups, career fairs, and workshops. San Diego is a growing tech hub with companies ranging from start-ups to large corporations like Qualcomm. There, you could build connections, gain industry knowledge, and increase your chances of securing internships and job opportunities.

Just remember, networking isn't all about location. While the proximity to tech hubs can offer more in-person networking events, don't forget about the power of online networking through LinkedIn, attending virtual career fairs and workshops, and reaching out to professionals in your field for informational interviews.

So in short, yes, CSU San Marcos is well-placed to support a computer science major's career needs.

16 days ago

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