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Merit scholarships at Georgetown—do they exist?

Hey everybody, I've got Georgetown on my radar and I wanna make sure I'm making wise money moves when it comes to picking colleges. Is anyone aware of the university offering merit-based scholarships? I'm aware that many schools mostly offer need-based aid, but I'm hoping to lessen the burden as much as possible. Any info?

14 days ago

Georgetown University primarily provides financial aid based on demonstrated need, and in fact, they are committed to meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students. Georgetown does this through a combination of scholarships, loans, and work-study positions. Here is a list of Georgetown's undergraduate scholarships: https://finaid.georgetown.edu/financial-resources/undergrad-scholarships/

I want to clarify a bit here because this can sometimes be a point of confusion: meeting 100% need does not mean that Georgetown will cover 100% of the cost of attendance for all students. What it means is that they'll cover the gap between your family's calculated ability to pay (which is determined when you apply for financial aid) and the total cost of attendance.

Now, speaking of merit scholarships: Georgetown does not offer merit scholarships to first-year applicants. Some of the university’s specialized programs, such as the McDonough Scholars Program, which is designated for undergraduate business students, do offer scholarships as part of the program. However, these are not for first-year students and typically have specific requirements. Moreover, admitted undergraduate students may apply to a limited number of scholarships in certain areas, such as those for studying abroad or for research, but again, these have stipulations.

Therefore, it's important to take this into account in your financial planning—if you're relying on merit aid to make your college education affordable, Georgetown might not be the best fit. Definitely consider using Georgetown's net price calculator to get an estimate of the financial aid you could receive. It's not a guarantee, but it can provide a rough idea of the aid package you might be offered. Here's a link: https://npc.collegeboard.org/app/georgetown

14 days ago

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