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Anyone know anything about Saint Louis University's Grad Rate?

I'm scanning the web for college graduation rates and Saint Louis University popped up in my list. I've heard some mixed things about this place. Can any of you enlighten me a bit more about their graduation rate? Any insight would be mucho appreciated!

15 days ago

Sure, I can provide some data on this. Saint Louis University (SLU) is known for its strong academic programs and commitment to service, and it consistently ranks high among national universities.

Now, when it comes to graduation rates, it's noteworthy that SLU has a pretty good standing. As per the most recent data, SLU has a 4-year graduation rate of about 73% and a 6-year graduation rate of approximately 80%. This indicates that the majority of students at SLU are able to complete their degree within the expected timeframe.

However, remember that a university's graduation rate is just one aspect to consider when choosing a college. You'll also want to think about the culture fit, available majors, extracurricular opportunities, financial aid packages, and so on. Hope this helps in your search!

15 days ago

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